Do you know the feeling

when your mobile phone is running out of battery in the middle of a busy day or a stressy situation?

We do.

That is why we are offering you our Mobile+ Charger.

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Our company has been developing, producing, selling and renting mobile phone charging stations since 2006 to all type of venues/events with customers, who could be in a need of electricity with their mobile phones, tablets, or any other electrical devices.

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The need for electricity, recharging of mobile equipment has been growing continuously, especially with the introduction of smart phones and the development of other mobile devices (tablets, iPads, media players, etc.).

What is the Mobil+ Charger?

The mobil+ charging station works as a self service charger for all types of smart phones, tablets, and other devices, with a locker function for safety. It also has an extra value with the illuminated advertising surface for the facility

Even a possible money generater by renting it for a 3rd party. The mobil+ charging station can be also branded with a logo, brand identity, special headline, etc. for an even stronger impact on customers.

  • Innovative, very much needed and appreciated service to customers
  • Works with a safe locker system
  • All smart phones can be charged (iPhone, USB)
  • Self service
  • Tablet and other device charging option
  • Branding possibility
  • Very visible, illuminated advertising surface

Mobile Charger to all facilities with customers


shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, clubs, gyms, sport facilities, offices, hotels, banks, airport, etc. for long term placement.


conferences, festivals, company days, etc., where the need of chargeability of various gadgets are essential.

Why Mobile Charger helps your business?


  • Improves your customer service
  • Improves customer satisfaction level
  • Gives a modern touch to your venue
  • Drives foot traffic
  • Improves retention
  • Helps in the competition race
  • Welcomes sponsors, advertisers


  • Drives crowd to your spot
  • Increases interactions
  • Communicates your brand strongly
  • Gives a modern touch to your brand/venue
  • Advertises to your audience

Mobile+ Charger models

available to buy or rent

"Classic 6"

for normal traffic places
(restaurants, pubs,
offices, etc.)


"Classic 6+tablet"

with the innovation for tablets and
other devices (shopping centers, conferences, etc.)


"Classic 12"

with doubled charging capacity for heavy traffic places (conferences centers,exhibitions, festivals)

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„classic” modell
65 x 190 x 17 cm
illuminated media surface
54 x 71 cm


the big brother, with more charger, more device and advertising surface options, (wellness centers, sport halls, gyms)



„metal” modell
75 x 185 x 30 cm
illuminated media surface
42 x 152 cm front panel
23 x 150 cm 2pcs side panel

How does it work?

six easy step to follow

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